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KVS is committed to providing your business with highly qualified Virtual Professionals who are well-matched to your specific needs or criteria.

Our services

Digital Marketing

Get noticed, generate leads, and convert them into sales and recurring customers.

Real Estate VA

KVS can handle a wide range of tasks, including lead generation and database administration, as well as finance and marketing.

Social media Management

Oversee campaign management on a day-to-day basis to guarantee brand consistency.

Cold Calling

Prospecting new businesses, following up on marketing leads, and extending the company's existing client base.

Virtual Assistant

KVS VAs work remotely and are experienced to support you with a variety of tasks such as email management, database maintenance, travel arrangements, and more.

Transaction Coordinator

Administrative services for real estate agents during each stage of a transaction, from contract to closing.

Video editing

Video editing and video marketing to increase leads and sales

Graphic Design

Layout and production design for commercials, brochures, publications, and business reports, and more.

Facebook Farming Specialist

A new method for generating organic leads through Facebook

Our Story

Get to Know Kadua VA Solutions

Like you, we’ve struggled with working long hours and having to hire an expensive personal assistant. We needed to hire more virtual assistants to meet the increased demand for our services.

We believe you deserve to have the same work quality a Kadua VA can offer at a fair cost.

How Does KVS Work?​

As small companies and startups count number on flung offices to reduce expenses, and organizations of all sizes prolong their use of the internet for daily operations, remote authorities have grown greater popular. A remote expert is an impartial contractor, therefore an organization does not have to give the identical benefits or pay the equal taxes as full-time employee.

Furthermore, because the far flung experts work remotely, the company’s office does now not require desk or different workplace. A far off expert is expected to pay and offer their very own computer hardware, software, and high-speed internet access.

Why Outsource with KVS?

As a commercial enterprise owner, you’re probably doing tasks that fall inside the following three categories: Tasks you don’t like doing, tasks you should not be doing, tasks you don’t seem to be top at. Not only do these tasks take time away from revenue-generating activities, but they can be a reason to shortly get burnt out—which is not an exact feeling. 

And it’s not why you started your business, right? Just to work 80 hours per week and get burnt out? No, of course not. 

You commenced because you’re passionate about the impact you can make in your respective niche. So it is important that your center of attention is on what solely you can focus on and outsource the rest in the most low cost way possible. By doing this, you’ll work less, develop faster, and be happier than ever.

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